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2018-2019 What If? Accountability Forecast Tool

This tool was designed for Texas district administrators by a Texas district administrator. In a system loaded with burdens and stresses, the arrival of the A-F accountability system for Texas public schools only increased the levels of both. 

While most data systems provide educators a vast array of incredible analysis tools, there is major void when it comes to data tools that allow administrators to modify their data to forecast accountability outcomes within the A-F system.


The What If? Accountability Forecast Tool does exactly that. With the What If? Tool, you can:

- Modify your 2018 Accountability Rating data to see real-time updates to your overall district rating and Domains 1-3 ratings

- Adjust your economically disadvantaged rate to see changes in your Domain 2 relative performance rating

- Make subject-specific adjustments to Domain 1 STAAR Performance targets to see overall outcomes in Domains 1 and 2

All aspects of the What If? Tool reflect the formulas and scaling tables released by TEA in the 2018 Accountability Manual, and all adjustments made in the sheet automatically modify the ratings according the values used by TEA to determine the 2018 Accountability Ratings. 

You can use the link below to download a sample version of the What If? Accountability Forecast Tool.  Or, if you would like to order a What If? Sheet for your district that reflects your district's 2018 accountability data, please use the option below. 

Districts that order the What If? Tool before the new year will receive the following: 

- Free updated versions of the What If? Tool for the duration of the 2018-2019 school year as new features are added

- $100 off and priority distribution of 19-20 What If? Tool --- Available August 2019

- Discounted rate for campus version of the What If? Tool --- Available December 2018

Download Link for Sample What If? Accountability Forecast Tool

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