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Make your business shine with our floor waxing, tile and grout cleaning or our carpet and upholstery services. We are experts in cleaning valuable oriental and area rugs. BEST WAY Carpet Tile Cleaning provides quick, safe cleaning of flood-damaged : carpets, area rugs, and upholstery. Carpet cleaners also work well on upholstery, and the Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot , Cleaner is ideal for removing stains and odors from your furniture. This portable model features a dual-action pet tool with rubber bristles that excel at removing pet hair and dirt from upholstery, and it also features stronger suction than other similarly sized models, leaving your furniture drier after washing. This family is the best carpet cleaning service I have ever used in DFW. They do a very awesome quality job and they are honest, dependable and understanding. 8211 Cash J.professional cleaning wool area rugsOur cleaning technicians have undergone extremely thorough training in cleaning different types of area rugs - from everyday wool rugs to antique oriental rugs. Oriental rug cleaning and Persian rug cleaning , requires extreme precision and skill. This cleaning process involves a delicate balance of pH solutions and should only , be done by true professionals. In case of pet damage to area rugs, please call us for an evaluation. We have successfully treated and restored rugs that were going to be thrown out by the owner. Special cleaning methods and neutralizers are used to correct these pet problems. Because of the time, labor and cost, this restoration procedure is only recommended for antique, valuable, or important rugs. Thinking about getting a clean wool rug can be a scary thought. Wool rugs can be expensive and the thought of ruining one can put off anyone. On the other hand, Memories of how fresh and clean it looked when you first got it can be motivating.home sanitization* Disclaimer: Treating any building with disinfectant and sanitization solution is not a cure for any virus, nor a guarantee against infection from unknown origin. Most of us use an alcohol-based sanitizer spray to disinfect our homes from germs, viruses {-TimeNow.Minute-} {-TimeNow.Minute-} """""""

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