M-m-m-my Corona: Journal #3

The ideas, thoughts, and resources that follow are intentionally not in any sort of logical order. Just where my mind, my fingers, and Google have taken me as I try to learn more about COVID-19 and its impact on our world.

1) Encouraging words from Governor Cuomo in New York.

With New York crossing over 15,000 confirmed COVID-19 making up nearly half of all cases in the U.S., Governor Cuomo has found himself at the head of a difficult situation. In my opinion, though, he has served as a much needed bastion of hope and honesty, not just for NY but for everyone across the nation.

This segment from his most recent press conference is worth watching.

2) Videos, news, and resources from Italy.

Italy is getting hammered by COVID-19, particularly in the northern part of the country. Here are a few videos, news articles, and resources that give you a glimpse into what this virus is capable of doing:

- Italian Prime Minister states this is the worst crisis in the country since WWII

- Overall death toll nearing 5,500

- Academic report from a hospital in Bergamo, Italy

- Video from inside an ICU ward in northern Italy (Warning: this is pretty tough to watch.)

- Instagram account from a photographer in Italy who is capturing medical staff as they fight this virus

3) Really interesting article on what we know so far about the science of COVID-19.

One note I found interesting on why this virus seems to be both contagious and severe (usually you get one or the other):

Most respiratory viruses tend to infect either the upper or lower airways. In general, an upper-respiratory infection spreads more easily, but tends to be milder, while a lower-respiratory infection is harder to transmit, but is more severe. SARS-CoV-2 seems to infect both upper and lower airways, perhaps because it can exploit the ubiquitous furin. This double whammy could also conceivably explain why the virus can spread between people before symptoms show up—a trait that has made it so difficult to control.

4) Visual I made that displays the overall COVID-19 testing numbers.

These numbers are provided as a "per million citizens" data point. I feel like this gives us a better view of which states and nations are doing their best to monitor this "invisible enemy."

This was my first attempt at using Google Data Studio. Pretty awesome tool. Shockingly easy to use.

5) Solid GIF showing why/how social distancing works.

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