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Divide and Choose: A Solution for Appointing Supreme Court Justices After Kavanaugh

Once we get past the absurdity that has been the appointment (or rejection) of Judge Kavanaugh, I have a solution for how we can avoid this mess in the future.

We all know the story of the two kids who are fighting over how to cut a cake and ensure that they both get their fair share, and then the wise grandma comes along and lets one kid cut the cake while the other gets to choose the first slice.

(It's actually a legitimate mathematical concept called Fair Division.)

I propose we simply apply the same concept to all future Supreme Court nominations.

We can call it the Fair Division Act.

The concept works like this:

1) The President presents to the Senate a list of fifteen potential Supreme Court nominees clustered into three groups of five.

2) The Majority party in the Senate gets to select one of the three clusters to present to the Minority party.

3) The Minority party gets to select one nominee from that cluster to fill the vacant Supreme Court position.

It would look something like this:

Don't mind my lame hand-drawn graphic. Budgets are tight these days.

That's it. No detailed explanation needed.

The system works regardless of which party is in power.


Feel free to share my idea with anyone with substantial power and influence.

If no one chooses to listen and instead would rather keep watching the political circus that we've let Congress create, then I highly suggest you grind some beans and get some coffee brewing.

Our children and grandchildren are going to have some questions for us.



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