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About Micah Taylor

I'm a nerd. I enjoy reading science fiction. I read research about linear regression. I sign up for free online classes about completely unrelated concepts---like creating pivot charts in Excel and game design using Unity.


I have a glass jar on my desk containing a fern that I haven't watered in over five years, which is the last time I opened the jar.


My bookshelf in my home office contains MTG cards, the Harry Potter series, a stack of contract law flash cards, a book on New Testament theology, and Thomas Sowell's Applied Economics.


I collect tea pots, and I've played the piano since I was three.


I have a $6 dollar plastic chess set from Dollar General that I spent over 30 hours hand-painting to make it look and feel more expensive. The pieces are weighted with Play Doh.


I am happily random.


I love my wife more today than the day I married her, and I'm pretty certain my kids are both geniuses, even though the girl is only eight months old.


This blog will tell my story. It will be a focused story predominately framed around my professional life, but even then, it will reflect an array of interests that are odd and unique.

Use what you find here as a beginning to a more important destination. 

I'm glad you've found my blog. I hope I honor your time well.

Share the knowledge you gain. Think big thoughts. 

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